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Week 5: Yum, Scripture – Eating God’s Word

The central premise of this fifth session of Dogmatic Theology is that God’s Word provides substantial nourishment. Perhaps the most hands-on of all eight weeks of the course, this session provides direction on how to physically navigate the Scriptures as well as how to understand the difference between various versions and translations of the Bible. Guidance is given regarding how to find Biblical passages and how to interpret the various genres of Scripture. Tips are provided for praying with the Bible and Jesus is shown to be the very Word of God encountered through the words of Scripture.



Feedback on Talk


“It was informative to learn about how different people approach the Bible.”

“I think the lessons learned from this week’s session will help me in mediating and contemplating the Bible.”

“[I] really found the session educational. I found it a wonderful crash course on the Bible.”

“I have always believed that Scripture is so important to us and this session helped reinforce that.”


May 2013

Although it is with heavy hearts that we share news of Monsi passing away on ...

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Lord Jesus, through you all things have come to be. Thank you for inspiring the creation of Dogmatic Theology and making its production possible. May it give you glory and be a blessing to all who view it. Protect all future participants and leaders of the course that they may encounter you anew through it and find within it a spiritual wellspring. Amen.





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