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Week 2: You Did Not Choose Me – Coming Into Relationship With God


At the outset of this week the nature of relationships is explored through contrasting “personal” versus “functional” relationships. It is shown that God not only desires a personal relationship with each person but He has revealed Himself to be “Tri-Personal;” He is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Scriptural and Early Church proofs for the Trinity are provided and there is a brief treatment of the impediments some may have in relating to God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The possibility of living in relationship with each Person of the Trinity is demonstrated and the fruits of a Trinitarian spirituality are explored.


Feedback on Talk


“[I came away with a] greater understanding of the Holy Spirit.”

“The concept of a Trinitarian God is very difficult to comprehend. [The] presentation helped to come to grips with the mystery.”

“My own relationship with Father, Son and Holy Spirit will now be with a renewed insight.”

“It has made me reflect on my relationship with God, with Jesus and with the Holy Spirit. It’s kind of like buying a new car. Am I just reading the manual or am I driving the car. We can study the manual (the Bible) all we want but it is meaningless unless we drive the car.”


May 2013

Although it is with heavy hearts that we share news of Monsi passing away on ...

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Lord Jesus, through you all things have come to be. Thank you for inspiring the creation of Dogmatic Theology and making its production possible. May it give you glory and be a blessing to all who view it. Protect all future participants and leaders of the course that they may encounter you anew through it and find within it a spiritual wellspring. Amen.





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