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Each of Dogmatic Theology’s eight talks is based upon a spiritual lesson Fr. James learned from his dog “Monsi.” After introducing the theme through an often-humorous vignette with Monsi, Fr. James provides a teaching on this topic that was taped in front of a live studio audience. The theme of the week is then further illuminated through a teaching by Dogmatic Theologian Dr. David Deane and a second studio session with Fr. James. Each week features a documentary testimony from either an individual or a couple before Fr. James concludes the entire session with a prayer. Each DVD presentation ranges from 43 to 51 minutes in length.


When using Dogmatic Theology as a course in a group setting it is recommended that each of the weekly sessions consist of four parts:


1. A Shared Meal or Other Fellowship Involving Food, Because This Helps to Build Relationships

2. A Time of Community Prayer

3. A 40-50 Minute DVD Presentation on an Aspect of the Christian Faith

4. A Small Group Discussion


The reason for this recommendation is that it works!


Other Recommendations


  • For optimal viewing, Dogmatic Theology should be watched on a widescreen television or monitor, which has a 16x9 Screen Aspect Ratio. However, if the series is watched on a 4x3 television, viewers should select the “widescreen” or “letterbox” option within the setup menu on their DVD player, otherwise a portion of the image will be lost.


  • Course participants should be instructed to bring a Bible to Dogmatic Theology as well as a pen. If participants do not purchase a copy of the Dogmatic Theology Manual they should be advised to bring their own note paper.


  • Although Dogmatic Theology is based upon anecdotes relating to Fr. James and his dog, the weekly themes are anything but trite. Difficult subjects are touched upon including suffering (Week 7) and death (Week 8). Course facilitators should be aware of the potential for this subject matter to affect course attendees both spiritually and emotionally. Accordingly they should advise small group leaders about the need for particular pastoral sensitivity during these weeks.


May 2013

Although it is with heavy hearts that we share news of Monsi passing away on ...

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Lord Jesus, through you all things have come to be. Thank you for inspiring the creation of Dogmatic Theology and making its production possible. May it give you glory and be a blessing to all who view it. Protect all future participants and leaders of the course that they may encounter you anew through it and find within it a spiritual wellspring. Amen.





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